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Default Re: So now, which Thor is your favorite?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Just to clarify.

1) Yes, Simonson did weird stuff, but I liked it - a lot. Have only read a little of Aaron's stuff and it didn't do much for me, particularly the God concept, but you and I have discussed that already, so it's just something we disagree on. Agree to disagree, after all, it's only IMO and IYO.

As I mentioned earlier, what I liked best about Simonson, is what he did with the supporting cast and the overall story arcs, perhaps not so much what he did for Thor himself - although he gave Thor a really tough time, Beta Ray Bill and brittle bones, ouch !

2) As far as powers go, Ultimate Thor (well at least in the Ultimate titles I've read) are pretty straightforward, and in line with how I view the character - he's definitely not as powerful as other iterations of Thor, but has a lot more personality, all in all that makes him a better character.

Actually, I kind of like the Axe/hammer thing, as it looks like a weapon, whereas mjolnir in mainstream Thor looks more like a tool.

Again, just IMO.

I can see how you wouldn't like the ultimate titles, I don't have much time for Ultimate Spider Man or Ultimate X Men, yawn ! They stripped away most of what made those characters great and replaced it with unnecessary crap. The Ultimates is the only book I liked from that universe, which is saying a lot as I usually don't have much time for the Avengers at all.
I'm not bothered about what you like and don't like, I just found the reasoning funny. Not good is easy to get as it's how you recieve it, but I have a hard time seeing what's "weird" about it (especially since the base of the discussion is about a Norse god coming to Earth on the Rainbow Bridge etc).

Thor has always been a god and hearing prayers from their followers has been fundamental to the concept of gods in most religions and other fiction. One can like or dislike it but I don't see the weird part (apart from why no one else has included it before).

When it comes to powers Aaron's Thor is pretty straight forward as well. He's strong, he hits hard, he flies extremely fast and he summons lightning. The Thorforce is exactly the same as the Odinforce, ergo the same thing that's been in most Thor stories that's ever been. King Thor hardly even uses it "on screen" either.

I like Simonson's run just like everybody else but that is certainly more "weird" to me. It kind of starts right away when they show that they can just order a new Mjolnir, this iconic superweapon, on overnight delivery. Just so they can create a horse Thor that shares a name with a pony in LotR. Now that's weird to me.

As for the hammer-axe there's at least the part where Mjolnir actually has been described as an axe on some rare occasion in the myths. I still don't think naming an axe "crusher" or "pulverizer" makes that much sense, but it's there. My main problem is that I think it has an ugly design though. The original Mjolnir isn't purely a weapon, it is a tool as well. And it of course looks like it does because it's a battle hammer where the hilt came out too short due to an accident caused by Loki.

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