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Default Re: The Official TDKR Fanart & Manips Thread XI

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Dude, this is brilliant. The Rykin Data link? Amazing. I actually wanted him to be a private investigator who works indirectly with Gordon to take down the Batman. With him going overboard in his obsession. I think i might still prefer that but i absolutely love the hacker version you did Jakinj. It really fits well. It might even make the most sense.

The eyeliner part was hilarious! And the Inception tie-in is just sooo good.

But i will give one nitpick. I dont really care for his look. The hipster thing, with the chain, messy hair. I personally think it's too close to Joker. When i visualize the Riddler and especially in Nolan's..i always think of him as the opposite of Joker hairstyle/clothes. Very short, clean-cut hair. A very meticulous man. Because i think the hipster look you provided makes him out to be more of Johnny Depp type character rather than a Dicaprio-Cobb from Inception type. Of course wearing a suit doesn't quite go with being a computer hacker who locks himself up in a basement. But what if he's trying to feel more important than he is? He wears a suit every day. He's a unique one.

I personally see him as more of a Michael Emerson type, or yes, Leo in Inception.

But still, it's your piece. And it's awesome. Great job as always. By the way, how many unconfirmed sightings are left??
Funny enough the reason why I didn't give him a full suit is because the joker is in a full suit. (Vest, tie, etc.)

Also because I was walking around Brooklyn a couple years ago and thought to myself "why the hell does everyone look like the Riddler?"

There's 6 unconfirmed sightings left - honestly don't know if ill do all 6 or who they are haha

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