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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie


Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

[black screen]

V.O. (SUPERMAN): Why did you come back?

[Intro Logos]

[Metropolis skyline]

[Wayne Enterprises Jet, with Bruce disembarking]

[Lois meets Bruce on the runway with a mike]

LOIS: Mr. Wayne...

[Lexcorp Building]

V.O. (LOIS): Reports are you've come to sign a weapons manufacturing contract with Lex Luthor.

[Lex Luthor, in his office, turns toward the camera]

[Bruce and Lex shake hands at a dinner party]

[Lois and Bruce at runway]

LOIS: Care to comment?

BRUCE: I don't enter into partnerships lightly.

[Dinner party, Bruce walks in with Diana Prince on his arm]

[They are seated at a table with Lex and his girlfriend]

DIANA: Everything is changing, Bruce.

LEX: We live in a post-Superman world.

[Superman rushes towards a crashing monorail train]

[Superman lands on the ground with two people safe in his arms]

[zoom in on Lex]

LEX: I intend to adapt to it.

[Lexcorp: Lex stands in front of a line of Kryptonian tech robots]

[John Corben, Metallo, being operated upon, his chest glowing green]

[Clark and Martha on the farm]

CLARK: I thought I could trust the world.

[Clark battles Metallo in the streets]

V.O. (CLARK): But the world has turned against me.

[Martha on the steps]

MARTHA: People need to be saved from themselves, Clark.

[More Superman action scenes]

[Wonder Woman battles a robot]

V.O. (BATMAN): Your presence here is a threat.

V.O. (SUPERMAN): And you? Have you made Gotham a better place?

[Superman stands in the rain. He looks tired. Blood drips from his nose.]

SUPERMAN: You've brought nothing but darkness.

[Batman stands across from him.]

BATMAN: Darkness isn't alien to Gotham. It was born here.


[Quick shot of Batman / Superman fighting in the rain]

[Wonder Woman lands on a bright Metropolis street]


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