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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

I don't mind if they get into a argument that leads into a physical confrontation, but it shouldn't be drawn out.

Also, something like this is very tricky to do, more so I'd argue than staging a fight between Thor and the Hulk.

With Thor and Hulk going at it, at least both heroes are nearly identical when it comes to their strength, endurance, and invulnerability... thus you can have them going either all out against each other or just one of them holding back and still present a great quality fight that doesn't disrespect the other hero.

That's not the same case here. On a physical confrontation alone, Superman should/would be able to wipe the floor with Batman, but in doing so... would hurt "Batman's image" to fans and the general audience.

And on the other hand, Batman could win if he just had Kryptonite and place Superman in some type of scenario/location that would aid him in his victory... but then that would hurt Superman as well and have people dub him as Batman's *****.

There's just no conceivable way that I can think of that you could even have a skirmish between them, even if the fight is left without a victor, without making one of them look bad.

Heck, look how much flake Superman gets just for the destruction of Metropolis despite the fact that it was mainly, if not all, Zod's fault.

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