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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

Originally Posted by Juha Bach View Post
I want them to fight too. This movie can be used as a myth buster of some sought. Because its getting out of hand with some batman fans who think batman can beat superman when that has never happened in comic book cannon.
I would have superman go into this battle holding back. Batman showcases his insane intellect and battle strategies that gives superman a run for his money. Superman decides that the only way the battle ends is if he goes all out.They dont have to have him stomp the **** out of batman. A speed blitz and a jab to the chest that sends Bruce flying should be enough(am assuming that batman will have a TDKR type of suit otherwise he would be liquified) to show batman just how large the difference in their strength is. You can have superman praise him for making him fight seriously even if its for short while. I think in such an instance or anything similar, neither batman or superman will be dehyped.
I'd love it if Superman was being clobbered by Batman (because of either the convenient K or some conditions arranged by Batman) and Superman just threw Batman in the air like a doll..and gently caught him before he hit the ground. The exchanges can then be more verbal and pyschological afterward, since Batman knows he will never take on Supes without reason.

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