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Default Re: Do you accept the theory of evolution? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Tanin View Post
Until it's dis-proven. There is always a chance of that.
If you're talking about evolution, evolution itself isn't ever likely to be disproven (it would require something monumental like every species that ever existed on Earth was stolen and brought to Earth).

What's more likely is the vehicles regarding evolution will be amended and improved, which has happened in the past, and actually makes the theory stronger.

If you're talking about laws Scientific laws are not wrong, they are a distillation of facts into a sentence, it's basically just saying "x happens". If a scientific law were shown to be wrong. The universe would not exist.

For example, if the laws of gravity changed (ie mass attracts mass was false): All structure in the universe would fall apart.

If the second law of thermodynamics was wrong that would have catastrophic implications on the universe with entropy and the arrow of time no longer existing and potentially introduce a new dimension to the universe where you could travel "sideways" in time.

They may just not always be applicable, or work better with future developments. Like Newton's Law of Gravitation.

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