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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
Batman gets a pass because he's a representation of human strength. I think that's why there are people who are rabid (and trollish) about him. They don't want to think that he HAS limits, because they don't want to think that humanity itself can't do anything.

Superman having an alien origin causes many people to instantly brush him off, even if he's more average in terms of human interaction.
That's precisely what I'm arguing about. I mean even Superman. He could win over him in a fight? If I were to think critically, Iron Man vs Batman, I'm not a huge fan of these characters, but I think Iron Man could win. I don't see how Batman can have the strength, even though he does have strength, I still don't find it realistic that he could survive, or be fast enough to fight something that is stronger than a human. He's fought Captain America, not as strong as Superman. He fought Bane, but I always found his battle with Bane to be physically accurate and logical. As we've seen him take the beat from Bane. I do think Batman is intelligent enough to take down Spider-Man. I know there was a video on Youtube on Iron Man vs. Batman, and Batman one. In the end, the average results said because Batman is smarter. They are both geniuses. I think Tony Stark might be slightly smarter though. Unless he was drunk, then maybe, sure, Batman could take him down. But if he's sober and conscience, I don't see how Batman would be fast enough to run away from Iron Man's bullets or gadgets. Things that are stronger can beat geniuses, even if Batman is smarter than Tony Stark. Iron Man's weapons can destroy Batman. People need to stop using Batman's genius as an excuse. Same goes with Iron Man as well. Doesn't anyone get tired of them? I'll add, both of these characters are should I say...are my "too perfect" stereotypes as other people commonly use to describe Superman. Geniuses, wealthy, toys, all the women, fancy cars, business men. To make this short, let me just talk about Batman...I like Batman, but Bruce Wayne, I find him interesting, except that he's a genius, wealthy, has a butler, all the women and toys...that's every guy's dream. Not a particular original concept. I find Superman's double identities to be more interesting because he has every man qualities. He's not rich as Clark Kent, or has all the women he wants in the world, and cars. He's just a regular guy in glasses. I find him more relatable. A reporter, likes football, the country, and Lois, hangs out with Jimmy. Then there's Superman. But Bruce Wayne just seems like the next guy in the room. What I do find interesting about Bruce Wayne however, are his flaws. His lack of emotion. His ability to get along with others, and socialize. I love this aspect about the character. He's flawed, but on the other hand, to make his double identity more interesting, Bob Kane thinks, "Bruce Wayne, okay...a genius....billionaire....that sounds great!" Richie Rich...Green Hornet, and then Iron Man also. There were more before Batman.

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