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Default Re: Is anyone else hoping they don't fight?

Just reading a troll thread on ComicVine:

1. Hes more believable (because a person without superpowers and an unrealistic secret identity fighting crime every night and not sustaining lifelong injuries or dying is plausible, as opposed to an alien who could blend in with normal people easily. Sure Wayne is a master of disguise, but usually uses his business persona.)

2. Doesnt have any superpowers whatsoever and still manages to get the job done.

3. Stronger willed. (As opposed to someone who's constantly restraining himself while trying to be a good mentor and fight injustice everywhere)

4. Cooler costume. (They'e basically the same in comics. The only really different things are the colors and the fact that Batman wears a mask)

5. Batman is fallible in different ways because he has no powers and not just 'kriptonyte'. (He just said that. And that's also a sentence fragment.)

6. Bruce Wayne=pimp, Clark Kent=nerd (Superman take ages to get a chick, Batman seconds) (And this is a positive value, why?)

7. Batman is smarter. (Depends on the writer.)

8. A better leader. (Yeah, I trust a man who puts the lives of children in danger above a symbol of hope.)

9. Better looking. (Many artists depict Wayne's face as being essentially a clone of Superman's.)

10. Batman uses fear as a weapon, whereas when we see Superman, we almost want to laugh. (He must not have been looking at the panels of a rage-filled Superman with disturbing red eyes piercing the shadows)

11. Batman= Dark Knight, Superman=Boyscouteasons why Batman is cooler than Superman.

12. Better movie franchise (Yeah, Batman is kind of lucky in that regard.)

13. Better looking (Already said that, and I find Clark more visually striking.)

14. Batman has all those cool gadgets. (The Bond appeal strikes back)

15. The Car (is barely seen in the comics I've read.)

16. Better fighter (he has to be, he's human)

17. Better tactician (Superman usually faces bigger threats that demand he confront them instantly, he doesn't have time to plan things out like Batman, generally speaking.)

18. Gotham is cooler than Metropolis (Yeah, I agree.)

19. Better Villains (sure)

20. Batman is tortured and complex and has a motivation. Superman is too damn good, becuase he decide to be to damn good. (So it's simplistic to rise above base human desires and seek out creating good, not just for oneself, but for others?)

21. Batman: The Animated Series is better that Superman: The Animated Series
(But hey, the creators cared for Batman more. Is it any wonder that there's a bit of a quality difference?)

22. Batman can beat pretty much anyone, with some prep time, with his mind or fists, Superman has to rely on his powers most of the time. (The writer celebrates Batman overcoming almost everyone, but thinks it's a crutch for someone with superpowers to actually USE them.)

23. Batman can solve the most difficult of puzzles and can hack into computers with ease, Superman can barely solve the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper. (Okay, that's just trolling)

24. You can sing his theme song and is epic, NANANANANANANA BATMAN, NANANANANA BAAAATMAAAN, BAAAATMAAAAN, BAAAATMAAAAN, i dont belive you can do that with Superman theme song. (I think the JW Superman theme is actually TOO iconic. People act like it's canon; a part of the source material and must be included in all movies. Though wouldn't mind if it was.)


I won't lie..that's a great quote.

It's like people think the appeal in Batman is being damaged, but won't allow Superman to become that way (not that I think he should, mind you).

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