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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

A mashup of Mutant Genesis, Romulus and Skinning of Souls should be the storyline. Omega Red FTW.

I'd like to see this be something where the prologue is Wolverine fighting Omega Red back in Veitnam in the 1960s. Wolverine is unable to finish him off back then and he escapes. At this point, Omega Red has organic tentacles that can drain people and a healing factor of his own.

Wolverine then heads back to base after Omega Red attempted to drain him and the doctors confirm that his healing factor is still working and he'll make a full recovery after doing a blood test.

Then sometime in the 90s or later, Omega Red is frozen after the experiment to fuse him with carbonadium left him highly toxic with the intent being to keep him in suspension until a cure can be found. He's being auctioned off to the highest bidder with Sebastian Shaw's son winning the auction. In this state, Omega Red has had his entire skeleton bonded with carbonadium, including his tentacles making him nearly invincible.

Upon being asked to join the new Hellfire Club, Omega Red rebels and drains Shinobi Shaw to death before fleeing to go on a killing spree.

Wolverine then heads to Moscow with Colossus where he meets up with Agent Zero who in the new timeline was never killed during the events of XMO as Logan was off with Xavier at the time. This time around, Weapon X wasn't led by Stryker, only a mysterious general named Romulus. Wolverine still retains his memories of the old timeline and naturally distrusts Agent Zero along with his companion Lady Deathstrike. Weapon X is revealed to have been created as a response to Omega Red's upgrades during the Cold War as part of an arms race to build super soldiers.

Once Omega Red tracks down Wolverine and Colossus (along with the newly introduced Magik) in the Moscow Metro, he mentions how he's longed for a rematch. Colossus heads back home with Magik to keep her safe from harm while Wolverine fights Omega Red.

Omega Red kills a number of innocents in the subway while Wolverine tries to save them. Agent Zero comes to the rescue and together with Wolverine, they manage to chase Omega Red away.

Wolverine and Agent Zero then team up to stop Omega Red at all costs but Omega Red has found Colossus' family's apartment during their Christmas dinner. He manages to not just drain Magik but poisons her, leaving her hospitalized.

Wolverine asks Agent Zero what he knows about how to stop Omega Red, Lady Deathstrike mentions that adamantium is stronger than carbonadium and that a sword she calls the Muramasa Blade that's an alloy of carbonadium and diamond was built solely for the purpose of killing Omega Red but it's for her and her alone.

The three set out to take on Omega Red once and for all. There's just one problem, Lady Deathstrike mentions that the mission was never to kill Omega Red, merely to recruit him for Weapon X. Also, Agent Zero who she describes as too much of a "maverick" is meant to be terminated. Wolverine blocks her attacks meant for Agent Zero and duels her. Lady Deathstrike escapes to track down Omega Red on her own.

Wolverine and Agent Zero then return to the hospital where Magik dies and Colossus vows to avenge her. Colossus' brother Mikhail comforts him and then says that he'll stay behind to mourn her as the three heroes set off for the final battle.

Mikhail is then shown creating a temporal paradox around Magik to bring her back to life and demands that she follow him as she'd normally be dead.

Lady Deathstrike demands that Omega Red join her and when he refuses, she duels him with the Muramasa blade in Red Square. Omega Red gains the upper hand and kills her along, then sets his sights on the various spectators when Wolverine, Agent Zero and Colossus join the fight. Over the course of the fight, the Muramasa blade changes hands repeatedly, before Wolverine finally grabs it and then uses it to finish off Omega Red once and for all.

Maverick then gets a text message from Romulus requesting that Wolverine head to St. Basil's cathedral alone. Wolverine obliges. Here Wolverine meets Romulus who mentions that if it weren't for his previous entanglements with the X-Men, he'd have been a perfect recruit for Weapon X. With the Cold War now over, Romulus' plan is to have Weapon X go rogue and then stage a coup against much of the world to allow mutants and the various creations grown in the Weapon X labs (Romulus displays photographs of Fantomex and Domino as examples of what Weapon X has birthed.) Wolverine asks why him and Romulus informs him that Wolverine is his descendant as Romulus has been alive for thousands of years and Wolverine is the culmination of his bloodline along with those of several other mutants, making him genetically perfect. Wolverine wants no parts in this but that's when Romulus informs Wolverine that back during the 60s, Wolverine's DNA was taken and uses to make a clone of him. His daughter is known as Weapon XXIII and he won't hesitate to kill her. More importantly, Romulus has spies everywhere, including Colossus' brother Mikhail. Romulus makes a phone call and tells Mikhail that Agent Zero is a liability, as is Colossus and to kill them both, upon getting back to base, the Weapon XXIII project is canceled. Wolverine then duels Romulus before finally killing him within the cathedral.

Colossus and Agent Zero then return home to not only find Magik alive and well but Mikhail waiting for them with Colossus' dead parents. Mikhail tells Magik to kill them as Wolverine races back to Colossus' home. Colossus charges at Mikhail and smashes him through the apartment complex while Agent Zero tries to bypass Magik's teleportation with a number of gunshots. As the four of them fight, Magik eventually gains the upper hand against Colossus and right as she's about to kill him, she realizes that she can't bring herself to kill her own brother, which is when Mikhail says that he may have to finish things himself. Wolverine then enters the doorway and stabs Mikhail in the back, killing him.

After Magik mentions that she has nowhere to go now that Mikhail killed her parents, Colossus tells her that she belongs in the X-Mansion and he'll look out for her. Agent Zero then declines joining the X-Men and says that he's ready to head out on his own with the line, "I'm way too much of a maverick to keep following somebody else's orders."

During the post-credits scene, Weapon XXIII is held in a water tank wearing nothing but a one-piece leotard. She appears to be no older than a young teen. The scientists mention to each other that her project is to be terminated. Doctor Kinney agrees but intentionally hits the wrong button to awaken her. Weapon XXIII breaks out of her tank, slaughters most of the scientists but then holds her claws up to Doctor Kinney's neck, asking why she should also be allowed to live. Doctor Kinney then reaches into her pocket and gives her a number of forged documents under the name "Laura Kinney" and tells her to track down Wolverine and she she'll be safe with him. X-23 then walks out of the door to her lab, the screen fades to black and gunfire and screams are heard.

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