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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

The way that certain characters would be depicted is that Omega Red isn't completely without sympathy. Everyone in the film wants to use of destroy him and he's merely rebelling against a world that has never accepted him. All that he really wants is freedom and dignity. When forced to be seen as a monster or a slave by everyone around him and never as a person, he's acting out because he really just wants to live the life that he was always denied.

Magik is a teenager who's trying to find her place in the world, her teleportation powers make her consider being an X-Man but she also wants to live a normal life and not be seen as an outcast. Up until her death, she's conflicted with Mikhail telling her that she needs to hide her powers much as he has because people will be afraid while Colossus tells her that she shouldn't have to live in fear and needs to accept who she is.

Mikhail is usually considered to be mild mannered and comes across as ashamed of his time manipulation powers. Up until the hospital scene, he doesn't appear to be villainous but still mentions a history that isn't elaborated upon with Colossus.

Agent Zero is cocky and up until he becomes Maverick at the end of the film he's torn with obeying an organization that is admittedly shady and trying to do what he thinks is right. Wolverine's knowledge of the previous timeline leads to some awkward moments after Agent Zero says, "you're going to kill me for this, Logan" so there will still be nods to previous continuity.

Lady Deathstrike without Styker but with Weapon X still present is incredibly impatient and abrasive and modified herself with cybernetics that merge with her natural abilities but openly despises being a mutant and looks down on others. Her implants are a means of trying to replace her natural powers with ones that she chose to have and believes that being born a mutant robbed her of her ability to choose her destiny.

Romulus is intentionally kept as a mystery. Even after his reveal he doesn't show much in the way of personality or emotion but he certainly comes across as scheming. As somebody who's only physically present for one scene in the third act, it's only natural that he's not going to be fleshed out. While he may be the "big bad" of the film, Omega Red is the villain for the first two acts and the beginning of the third and then Mikhail becomes the main antagonist during the third act. Romulus (much like in the comics) is more of a plot device than a character.

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