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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

As far as casting, I'd say that it's far too early for casting Magik since she needs to be young and preferably from Russia.

Vasiliy Stepanov (The Inhabited Island) as Omega Red is a very easy choice.

Pyotr Fyodorov (Russia 88) would be Mikhail

Daniel Henney can remain Agent Zero

Kelly Hu may be too old to remain Lady Deathstrike but I guess that's up to the studio to decide. I'd like to see how she develops without Stryker's mind control but that's up to the studio to decide.

William Dafoe would be Romulus since Romulus has always been an older man.

And yes, keep Jackman and Cudmore. Cudmore may have to learn Russian for a few scenes but how is that a bad thing?

The themes would be how different characters react to having super powers and there would be some scenes where Chechens are shown discriminated against which is why mutants have to keep their powers secret to draw a metaphor for racism in contemporary Russia with Omega Red specifically referred to as being from Chechnya or Dagestan while Colossus is seen as a hero of Russia since he's a Slav. It's probably a bit overt but these are the themes that the X-Men have always used. One mutant being a "freak" and another who people celebrate but are still wary of does certainly ram the point home that Omega Red is merely the product of his environment. The racial baggage, stigma over being a mutant AND being an albino make him an outcast while Colossus can still in some ways blend in just enough that people will still accept him.

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