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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 3

I like different versions of Superman. If you want Reeve's Superman, watch his version of the character, if you want the Paul Dini/Bruce Timm/Daily/Newbern version watch the various animated series he's appeared in and if you want the Cavill version watch Man of Steel. It's simple really.

Hell if you want a more grounded mopey version of Reeve's Superman watch Superman Returns.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion of course, if one doesn't like the Cavill version than you don't. Your opinion isn't wrong or right.

I think it's interesting to bring up Hemsworth as Thor because frustratingly to me he has been side lined in The Avengers and in his own sequel. He hasn't been quite as good as he was in that 2011 film and that annoys me and I don't believe it's his fault. Anyway Thor and Supes are two completely different characters. For the record, I like Man of Steel better than all the films Thor has appeared in. His actual films never live up to Hemsworth performance IMHO.

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