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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 3

Originally Posted by Man.of.Tomorrow View Post
Yeah I guess its screen time I'm worried about - I really thought Cav-El was the best superman we could have asked for for this era, the only niggle I had was I felt he wasn't quite given ENOUGH - and I mean enough everything, enough screen time, enough dialogue, enough chances to do the usual Superman things - and now he has to share his screen time with WW AND Batman I feel like this could be an even bigger issue in this second film. Who knows though - I will try to remain hopeful...
That's all any of us can do. I am worried about that too. I won't lie. I'm actually not hopeful because I've seen it done to too many times. I'm with you though. I'd like to see them give Cavill more of everything in this next movie. He is not a bad actor and he did great with the material he was given in MOS. I want them to give him more, and let him have a chance to really have fun with the role. He OWNS it now. Let him take it out for a test spin.
Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Snyder was just playing the role of a Superman fanboy there (not that he isn't).
*shrugs* We'll see. I pointed out the clip because it does show him being a Superman fanboy. I'm not sure if he really is though. We'll see.

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