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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 3

Originally Posted by SuperMan of Steel View Post
I really don't understand some guys claiming for that much dialoge, wanting a joke-making, flamboyance taking as "charisma" from Superman which is totally wrong. In the movie that is focusing a troubled, lonely finding a place in the world, novice Clark that is stablishing on Earth with that type of issues he had in his background. and in that aspect the script did a good job.
Superman has never been a joke-making and a flamboyance character. I mean not every character has to be as "charismatic" as Tony Stark.

Cavill nailed the role the movie planted pretty great. his scenes were pretty viable and natural.
If a character has problems that makes the character more relatable and viable (something that most of the MCU lacked and replaced with funny things) and this version of Superman did that great and showed us a great potential to future sequels.

Obviously I'm with you that the new movie needs a lot of dialogue cause we already saw the troubled Clark and we need to be the other side of Superman: Daily Planet Clark Kent, Bruce-Clark, Clark-Lois Martha-Clark more developed seeing the stablished Superman. For this movie the writers need to develope those things from the characters.
So... no charm whatsoever, then? Couldn't agree less. Tony Stark is not the end-all be-all of charisma possibilities, there's a whole world in between, and I don't see why Superman has to be at the bottom of the spectrum... as if that were his only possibility. Yes, I'd LOVE some jokes, I'd LOVE some wit and I'd LOVE some semblance of an intelligent personality. Even troubled people have different sides to them other than a mopey face. When Alan Grant pulls that electrocution joke on the kids in Jurassic Park... that had a HUGE effect on me as a kid. That little moment of charisma alone was the main reason I wanted an action figure of the guy. I can only imagine the difference it would have on young kids to see Superman be the cool guy for a change... something he hasn't been on a broad scale since the Chris Reeve days, I'm sad to say. I probably can't count on Goyer for that, but I'm hoping Terrio can do something about it.


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