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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 3

Originally Posted by Jekecy View Post
He wasn't a great Supes, but Dean Cain was absolutely phenomenal as Clark. If anyone wants a reference point for a more balanced and generally pleasant person to be around, his performance in that show is as good as it gets. There's no scene chewery with him. But he absolutely oozes charm and you just can't help but smile when he's on the screen. To this day it stands as a great modern take on the classic mild-mannered persona.

Cavill can easily get to that point. Now that we've dealt with his rough childhood and wandering adulthood, hopefully we'll see Clark grow and actually live out his life as a new person. He's got the looks, the smile, and the personality. That needs to be utilized.
Someone who finally recognizes the brilliance of Cain. Yes, he's not the best Superman, but his Clark is absolutely superb and a great reference point for Cavill's Clark.

The interesting thing is Cavill has to embody charisma for Clark and Superman. I think he's got a good handle on Clark already, and once we see more of Clark at the DP then I think we will be pleasantly surprised.

The one area I'm concerned about is charisma for Superman. I don't want him flying around flashing C. Reeve winks while saying hookey lines like, "I'll save you, Lois!" NO...NO...and NO. They have to make him charismatic while still keeping true to core things we like about the character. In addition, he has to share the scene with Batman. I mean share it...not just be there with Batman while he's saying all the cool lines.

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