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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
I'm of two minds of Elysium:

I'm glad that it's an original film. I'm glad that Neill is able to do something that's big without spending 200 million.


Overall it's a sophomore slump. Not a bad movie, but more of a frustrating experience because if Neill polished the script a bit more, the movie could've been amazing. Instead, it's okay to moderately good. Everything was painted with broad strokes, which is unfortunate.

And it happens. Neill is young and the future is bright for him. It's not a crash (like a 47 Ronin) but more like a stumble for his career, but he'll keep on trucking.
This sums it up. Although I think I liked it slightly more.

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