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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

Originally Posted by BattleAngel View Post
Nonsense. I've said it a zillion times, and people seem to just ignore it...

Bruce Wayne kills a huge number of people in Batman Begins. The "I don't have to save you" logic doesn't hold up when you directly cause the situation from which a person needs saving. In court, Batman would be charged with murduring Ra's, even if it wasn't first degree.

But forget Ra's... He exploads the League of Shadows! He commits arson resulting in the death of untold scores of people- from nameless ninjas to the fake Ra's, to the criminal they asked him to behead (worst of all).

He kills Talia. It may not be murder, but he fires the shots that directly cause her to die from a broken neck.

Batman's kill count in TDKT is probably somewhere between 5 and 50, depending on how many LoS ninjas died in the explosion.

It's possible that this thematic hypocrisy is intentional commentary on how Wayne is capable of justifying things through mental gymnastics, but I think it's more than likely an example of lazy, hollow writing.

Lots to like about TDKT but it is thematically bankrupt, and is less realistic than the 89 Batman by far.
He says in BB "I'm not an executioner", not "I don't kill". That doesn't mean that he doesn't kill. It means he doesn't deliberately kill. There's a difference in that. Deaths come from collateral damage. It's unavoidable, but he won't deliberately slash someone's neck.

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