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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Very true and great points! There is a tremendous upside for Affleck. Though I do think there is also a downside too. DD and Gigli will be rehashed and his rep as an actor will take a hit if he has another critical bomb. He'll still have fame as a director, but people tend to remember failures more than successes most times.

I truly hope Affleck does well. I am skeptical, but he could totally kill it as Batman, and then all the naysayers will have to eat their words. Yet...that will be impossible because someone will repost those words for all the Hype to see.
True, audiences tend to remember failures. I was amazed by how many people brought up Gigli when the announcement was made, even though it only made around 7 million dollars worldwide. Especially in the high school/college crowd, being that they were very young when it came out. Are terrible, hardly-seen movies popular rentals? I just think, as far as getting good work with talented people behind/in front of the camera, it won't affect him.

I'm also skeptical about him as Bruce/Batman. But I have faith that he knows exactly what he's getting into after the disappointment of Daredevil, and seeing how upset people are makes me root for him more each day.

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