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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

RDJ was NEVER considered a bad actor. Like he wasn't winning Razzies. He had fallen to bad days and was in flops and all and not getting work, but never considered a bad actor. So in that case he is yet different from Affleck.

I would say in Affleck's case he would have to in a way prove that he can be a good actor, a bigger task, in RDJ's case, he just had to prove that he could be a leading man and pull in audiences, we already knew he was a good actor.

Even before Iron Man, Downey was abso-****ing-lutely fantastic in Zodiac, another Fincher production.

Maybe that bodes well for Affleck? Downey did a Fincher role and then hit it out of the park with a superhero role. Affleck has just done a Fincher role too...

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