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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
RDJ was NEVER considered a bad actor. Like he wasn't winning Razzies. He had fallen to bad days and was in flops and all and not getting work, but never considered a bad actor. So in that case he is yet different from Affleck.

I would say in Affleck's case he would have to in a way prove that he can be a good actor, a bigger task, in RDJ's case, he just had to prove that he could be a leading man and pull in audiences, we already knew he was a good actor.

Even before Iron Man, Downey was abso-****ing-lutely fantastic in Zodiac, another Fincher production.

Maybe that bodes well for Affleck? Downey did a Fincher role and then hit it out of the park with a superhero role. Affleck has just done a Fincher role too...
The point is they have both experienced some failures. They have one failure in common with the substance abuse, but I wasn't saying that to say they have the exact same failures. As for Affleck's acting, I don't think he's the best actor, but he surely isn't the worse and no one has really said that. To his detriment and regardless of his success, DD and Gigli follow him like a stink. A successful turn as the caped crusader will do a lot to diminish or even remove that stink for good, which would be similar to what happened to RDJ after his successful turn as IM. People stopped talking about all the crap he did in the past because they were so impressed with IM.

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