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Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I think there are fanboys who are really, really offended that Tony isn't a swinging single, with a new girlfriend hanging off each arm every scene.
Tony has always been more of a serial monogamist, anyway. He has a string of girlfriends he was with for a time before moving on. (Or in Rumiko's case, having one of his enemies "fridge" her.)

Whenever Marvel gets around to recasting the role they can pull in some of Tony's other girlfriends from the comics. Whitney Frost, Bethany Cabe, even Rumiko (I never liked her) are possibilities.

As for Ultron, he never murdered Jan Van Dyne but he did copy her so maybe he will build Jocasta in Pepper's likeness. That would be hilarious because all the Pepper haterz would have to deal with two of her onscreen.

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