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Default Re: So now, which Thor is your favorite?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
This thread says which Thor is your favourite ? Which suggests it is about sharing opinions rather than critiquing those of others. If you really aren't bothered about what I like, why do you keep attacking my comments ?

Why don't you instead divert your energies to promoting your own opinions and telling us why modern Thor is such an engaging hero and why its your preferred iteration of the character? That's something I would enjoy reading and respect.
If we post our opinions then we make them open for comments an discussion, that's one of the core points of a discussion board. My feeling is that you're being overly sensitive as I'm just questioning one of the arguments for why you have your opinion, not to mention that you were the one that called Aaron's Thor "****" (the word is obvious) which I see as more disrespectful/provocative than anything I've written here.

What actually would be constructive would be for you to explain exactly what you find is being more weird about it, rather than just going into defense mode. The thing I've tried to discuss, and wrote clear examples for, is the weirdness and not whether or not we find it good or bad, which are two different things. I'm not trying to change your opinion since there's nothing that says that you have to like the same things I do, I'm trying to understand how Aaron's stuff can be seen as more weird than Simonson's.

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