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Default Re: So which companies are doing the CGI/VFX?

Originally Posted by SuperMan of Steel View Post
You sure? what a shame.
It's not going to stop ILM from doing rendering for other studios. It'd be counterproductive if that happened. Disney will save some money from owning ILM, and having them work on their own films, but it's more profitable to keep ILM open for business for all the studios. (Plus ILM will be busy doing Episode VII, Jurassic World and Warcraft during that period -- and I don't think they'll be able to do significant work for BvS.)

And while WB did contract WETA for tax incentives, it also helps that the US/NZ dollar exchange is very favorable too. That's why they're doing so many movies now... a couple of shots here, half the work there, and so forth.

Also, Double Negative has offices in London and Singapore (as well as ILM), so I wouldn't be surprised to see them come back on too.

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