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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
You have a valid point, man, not denying that... But as much crossover of power as there is in a lot of these super groups, there is also a level of distinction between the members as well, and I just think that's important to highlight. Other wise you end up like the FOX Mutant films where there kinda seems to be a ton of muties with "leaping" powers, and the like. I mean, as an example, Aquaman is super strong, sure. But at a Superman/Martian Manhunter/Capt. Marvel level? For me, in the comics, the issue in FOR TOMORROW where WW and Superman have their battle, is kind of where I see things. She is insanely tough by human standards, truly a Herculean Demi-God type. But Superman is just at another level. With her overall toughness and strength, combined with elite training and access to magic though, she could put a hurting on him, and there is even a chance she could be a lethal opponent to Superman. But when all is said and done... No, she should not have his level of speed, strength or invulnerability.
What separates the Justice League from other teams is that its less about their powers and more about the characters.

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