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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
roach, I guess what I really mean is not that viewers will be confused, but more that if you make WW's power level equal it makes her seem like a near (notice the qualifier) total copy of Superman and it could come across as making Superman redundant. I mean, if she's as strong, invulnerable and as fast as he is, AND she also flies, and to top it all off she's this insanely trained warrior and battle mistress... Well, why do we need Superman around again? I think those two things are something to consider is all.
This is a good point. She isn't as strong or as fast as him in most comics. So, I don't want her to be in this movie. She's not supposed to be a female Supes. I also don't want to see that cliched shot of her giving Supes a kick or punch to prove she's badass, either. I've seen it happen in more than one comic. Because superman is traditionally so powerful, they use him as a means to prop up other characters. If a character can beat on superman, they must be badass. I hope they resist this temptation. Show her beating on the bad guys instead. As for the flying, I think I'd rather her come close to it, but not quite fly. She could be like the MOS kryptonians before they flew. They were still capable of some crazy stuff. I do like comic characters in movies to at least be close to their comic power-levels, but I'm ok with some changes. They didn't use superman's freeze breath in MOS and I was ok with that because his other powers were used.

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