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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
This is a good point. She isn't as strong or as fast as him in most comics. So, I don't want her to be in this movie. She's not supposed to be a female Supes. I also don't want to see that cliched shot of her giving Supes a kick or punch to prove she's badass, either. I've seen it happen in more than one comic. Because superman is traditionally so powerful, they use him as a means to prop up other characters. If a character can beat on superman, they must be badass. I hope they resist this temptation. Show her beating on the bad guys instead. As for the flying, I think I'd rather her come close to it, but not quite fly. She could be like the MOS kryptonians before they flew. They were still capable of some crazy stuff. I do like comic characters in movies to at least be close to their comic power-levels, but I'm ok with some changes. They didn't use superman's freeze breath in MOS and I was ok with that because his other powers were used.
I am not saying she should be as strong as Superman. If they aren't going to show her full powers than that's a nerf...and if you aren't going to have her at her power levels then you may as well throw her in the bikini suit since I feel that's just as disrespectful.

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