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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by roach View Post
I am not saying she can't be weaker than Superman. I am saying there is no need to take away her ability to fly just because Superman can fly. If we were talking about Martian Manhunter would anyone be suggesting that he can't fly? If were talking about Captain Marvel/Shazam would anyone suggest he can't fly? If we were talking about Hawkman, Green Lantern, Red Tornado, Firestorm or Dr. Fate no one would be saying take away flight. So why are we talking about taking away WW's flight? We have a Superman at full abilities...we hope we get a Batman at full(comic) abilities...but WW we can nerf. I find it as disrespectful as dressing her in her comic costume. Sorry if that offended you but I question that the only character anyone is talking about taking abilities from is a female.
It's not because she's a female. It's because she doesn't always fly and she doesn't have the alien excuse to go with the flying. Two of the posters that have suggested she might not fly are female. Do you really think it's because we want to nerf the one female character? For me, it's because I already have difficulty seeing a fantasy character mixed into the MOS world and the flying doesn't help at all. I don't buy into magic that easily. I know that's unpopular as there's apparently this new "realism is the devil" movement going on, but that's what I have trouble with. And I was fine with her getting really close to flying and will deal with the flying if they choose to use it. I just have to get used to this magic stuff in the MOS verse. It still seems odd to me.

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