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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by roach View Post
How am I twisting the argument?
You are saying to take away WW's flight because it makes her too much like Superman.
I respond by saying if that is the case then if we start taking away people's abilities because Superman has them...who do we really have left?
I said she shouldn't fly so she can be DISTINGUISHED from Superman. I have repeatedly reiterated the why and why it is specific to her; yet your immediate turn around response is: Well why don't you do that for all the heroes who have similar powers to Superman?

I gave you two reasons in two different threads as to why it is specific to her and specific to the story, but you'll ignore all that for the quick and pointless comeback you keep making.
Originally Posted by roach View Post
I wasn't commenting on the popularity of the shows. WW has appeared on TV on 3 shows.
One of them is the most popular and on that show she did not fly. Notice when you see intervies with Lynda Carter they don't show her flying in clips from the show. So even now the image people are seeing is Wondy NOT flying. There are no interviews I know of with Susan Eisenberg.

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