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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Remember in Superman the movie, where he flies around the earth at supersonic speed with real determination? His arms are posed in front of him and he's really going at it? Well, that looks totally different to the way Wonder Woman should fly.
Her flying should be more graceful, with not as much determination and forward thrust. It should be more gliding and as if she's riding the wind currents. Her arms shouldn't even maybe be in front of her.

In Supergirl, Helen Slater had a different style to Christopher Reeve. Her flying was far more balletic, graceful and dance-like. Yes, sometimes she had her arms in front of her, but generally her movement differed from Reeve. - She also did more aerial acrobatics - something Reeve's Superman generally didn't. I think this is how Gal's Wonder Woman could fly.

You could think of Wonder Woman's style of flying as being more akin to a rhythmic gynmast or syncronised swimmer, compared to a male gymnast on the rings or a male swimmer. While the male gynmast/ swimmer is still undoubtedly graceful, it looks completely different to a female rhythmic gynmast or syncronised swimmer. The male is less about beauty and aesthetics in performing those routines/ sports compared to the woman. This is how Gal's Wonder Woman could be.

I really would like that route if they decide to go with flight for her. I want to see her on a Pegasus though. Chances are probably low on that.

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