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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by roach View Post
If you are talking about the Lynda Carter show she used the lasso a lot. I watched the first JL WW episode Paradise Lost I think the name is and she used the lasso in it.
I meant the cartoon. It seems like she rarely had it on JL or JLU. That's episode is like one of the few times I've seen her use it. I don't even really remember her wearing it that much.

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Bola was, I thought, the singular of "bolas", but maybe there isn't such a thing.

A xiphos is the straight-bladed short Hellenic sword; the kopis is its curved, machete-like counterpart.
Oh okay, I wasn't sure. I like the idea of her having the lasso. It's multi purpose as a weapon.

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