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Default Re: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman! - Part 5

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
No thanks. We already had that in the Adrianne Palicki pilot where she threw that pipe through that guy's neck. Didn't like that at all. It seemed excessive and not bad ass.
There's a big difference between WW killing a rampaging monster in the heat of battle, or her (and Superman in MOS) having to make a split second decision to kill a superpowered psychopath when there's no other option and countless live or at stake, and what happened in that POS pilot, where she kills some random security guard.
1. As far as we know, that security guard wasn't evil. He was just a regular guy doing his job.
2. She didn't need to kill him. She could have hit him in the hand, or the arm, or the leg. But apparently she thought his throat was an easier target to hit than his limbs.

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