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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

My childhood was the 80's in Lisbon so basically all cartoons were Imports. From Lucky Luke , He-man, future-boy Conan, We got all kinds of graphic styles and storytelling, so exaggerated expressions don't really bother me, neither do some simpler animation styles. With that in mind:

I do hate when it's scene after scene of esoteric comedy slapstick, with time you get what the codes mean but some just become indecipherable.

I love most of the storytelling gimmicks anime uses in order to convey movement, action, emotion. Most importantly when this gimmicks are used to enable a level of detail impossible to animate in a more Disney-tradition way.

I hate when they use this type of gimmicks in very simple designs, often used in mass production crap that is little more then anime-styled 60s captain America animation.

I love their mechanical designs, current Iron man movie armors have nothing on the original bubblegum crisis hard-suit designs. From guns to battle ships it payed that many of the first designers for anime had mechanical engineering backgrounds...

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