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Default Re: Ant-Man Comic Recommendations?

I personally enjoyed Ant-Man: Season One. It's not the best that Season One has to offer, but it's good nonetheless.

You're probably better off waiting until about one month before the movie comes out. That's when marketing will be kicked into full gear and there will be old graphic novels and comics re-issued that are no longer in print right now. They seem to have done that quite a bit with Iron Man.

That Essential Ant-Man Vol. 1 (black & white) that someone recommended is a pretty penny on Amazon - most likely because it's out of print as well.

Honestly, the real problem is that Ant-Man (with all due respect) is like a third-tier, even fourth-tier Marvel character, lol. You'll be hard pressed to find ANYTHING with him, simply because there probably isn't that much floating around out there. There are three local comic shops near where I live (and they're good ones), and they have absolutely NOTHING.

I would wait about a year. Until then, I personally believe that Season One is a good starting point.

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