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Default Re: Why do so many people want to see Bucky Cap?

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
I would've preferred Bucky staying dead.
exactly. when I grew up reading comics I knew there are only a handful of characters that are dead and will never be resurrected, becauese their deaths had such a great impact that resurrecting them would make character arcs or concepts completely obsolete. Uncle Ben, Bucky, and later Jason Todd. Buckys death was the in-universe reason, that superheroes in 616 had no teenage sidekicks in colourful costumes that follow them around, because it is too dangerous and no self respecting hero would risk a kid getting killed again for the reason of being a sidekick.
To resurrect Bucky made that notion irrelevant. who cares if my sidekick gets killed? I'm a superhero, so the kid comes back to live eventually anyhow.
IIRC, JJ Jameson hated superheroes so much, because as a kid he wanted to be Bucky (seriously, how old is JJJ?). So now that Bucky is alive again, how does it affect Jameson? What does that mean for the character dynamics in the Spider-Man comics? (of course they changed Jamesons character in the last decade for completely different reasons anyway, but that is irrellevant for my point)
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