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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's an idea for a teaser that won't actually be applied as an after-credits sequence. I'm thinking something like this as a first act of the film set piece.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
SCENE: Clark Kent's apartment. NIGHT. We see CLARK lying on his side, completely asleep. We hear sounds of war starting to leak into the soundtrack. ZOOM in on Clark's closed eyes, that we can see clearly twitching.

SUDDENLY, we see a flash of a battle, accompanied by a tremendous increase in the volume. Flash back to Clark sleeping, his eyes twitching even more. This repeats, then we hold on the dream.

SCENE: We ZOOM out on SUPERMAN's face. Clearly frantic and hurting, we see his nose is bleeding and his face is covered in grime and soot. We see him straining to slow down and redirect a falling airplane, one huge airplane with a somewhat futuristic look. We follow the plane back to see that it says AIR FORCE ONE. We pan back even more, to see the plane is being swarmed by something, the wings are torn off, a green light fills the sky, and the ground is glowing with fire and artillery.

Suddenly, the creatures swarming the plane are violently shoved out. We see WONDER WOMAN, in her full armor and regalia, a warrior princess in the heat of battle. A wounded bald man in a torn dress suit is holding on to her.

SUPERMAN: Is he it!?

WONDER WOMAN: (clearly angry) We're to late for the rest!

SUPERMAN: (quietly,brokenly)...dammit. Get him out. I'll take care of them.

Wonder Woman spears one of the creatures, which makes a mechanical sound as she and her passenger glide swiftly to the Earth. We see Superman toss the remaining fuselage into the air, brace himself, and then as we follow Wonder Woman to the ground, we see the creatures being decimated in the background by Superman.

The heroes land in a ruined command center, where we barely glimpse vague figures that could be an archer, a crimson speedster, and other possible heroes defending a besieged perimeter against numerous others. The command center holds thousands of desperate, despairing refugees. They land near a massive computer bank that silhouettes a dark cloaked figure. BATMAN.

SUPERMAN: Where are we weakest?

BATMAN: Southern corridor. (He pauses. Bad news.) Rayner's running out of charge.

SUPERMAN: I'll get him.

BATMAN: Clark....we've spotted it. Doomsday's there.

They exchange a respectful look. They nod. Superman takes off.

Wonder Woman helps the bald man to his feet, but she holds him somewhat distastefully.

BATMAN: Mr. President. Mr. President!

He is ignored.

BATMAN: Luthor!

LEX LUTHOR raises his head, looking just as beat up as everyone else.

LEX: What?

BATMAN: Your capital just fell. The United States no longer exist. There are only three remaining safe zones in the entire world, and you just abandoned 400,000 people to die. Did you activate it?

LEX: Activate what, pray tell?

WONDER WOMAN: Brother Eye. The OMAC project.

LEX: No. I'm afraid the alien damaged my equipment in one of his rampages a few years ago. I was trying to reach Roswell when our cloak fell.

BATMAN: ...Diana, call Palmer in.

WONDER WOMAN: ...No, it can't be the end. We can hold them.

LEX: Open your eyes, Princess. Your League has failed. My Legion faired no better. The subatomic realm might be our only sanctuary now. And the alien our only hope of curtailing that beast, or at least holding him off long enough to escape Anti-Life.

Suddenly, the sky's green glow ceases. Luthor looks to the sky in despair. Batman tightens his jaw and immediately starts tapping something on the computer.

BATMAN: Diana-

She touches his shoulder understandingly.


She slowly, confidently strides backwards, drawing her sword and shield. They exchange another meaningful look. Then she takes off toward she sky, which we see darken in a massive shadow.

Lex: (mockingly) May I have a gun?

Batman wordlessly hands him a laser weapon. We see the perimeter collapse, and hordes of figures begin swarming the center. We see Lex blasting away before being overwhelmed. Batman cuts through dozens of foes, before they suddenly withdraw and give him space. We focus on a scuffed but well made shoe. Batman turns toward the man wearing them.

BATMAN: (his voice just barely breaking) Not you. Please...Not you.

We see ALFRED PENNYWORTH, his eyes red and his skin gray.

ALFRED: (his voice seemingly disembodied) Master Bruce.

SUDDENLY, we're looking down on a sleeping Bruce Wayne in a much more elegant bedroom. His eyes snap open. Alfred, here unchanged and healthy looking, shakes his shoulder.

ALFRED: Master Bruce!

Bruce flails a punch in the air as he awakes. Alfred catches it with surprisingly good reflexes. He smile.

ALFRED: Another bad dream, sir?

Bruce tries to give Alfred a reassuring smile back, but it doesn't quite look right.
Cut to Bruce doing a morning workout while observing the Batcomputer. Alfred is running him through his itinerary.

ALFRED: ...And then at 2200 you have a scheduled appointment with Miss Diana Prince...well that's odd, sir. You've left the rest of this blank. Anything special about this charming lady, Master Bruce?

We see Bruce focus on the image on the computer. It's Wonder Woman in an elegant dress at a political function.

BRUCE: Maybe.

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