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Default Re: So which companies are doing the CGI/VFX?

Originally Posted by manofsteel4life View Post
What's their track record? think they'd be looked at for BvS?
Framestore worked on Gravity, The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and the title sequence of Doctor Who.

Prime Focus also worked on The Great Gatsby, Dredd, Sucker Punch, Superman Returns, and Transformers: Dark of The Moon.

Rising Sun Pictures worked on Batman Begins, Superman Returns, The Wolverine, The Great Gatsby, and The Lord Of The Ring: The Return Of The King.

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
Comics fans have been spoiled ****ing rotten over the years, and as soon as DC doesn't kiss their asses as efficiently as Marvel does, they throw internet s***fits. I'm over that stuff.
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