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Default Re: The Bat-Family Casting Thread

Originally Posted by PaulRom View Post
Alfred - Geoffrey Rush
Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Alex Russell
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl - Anna Kendrick (Emma Stone would be perfect, but it'll never happen)
Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood - Aaron Paul
Tim Drake/Robin - Josh Hutcherson
Damien Wayne/Robin - Asa Butterfield
Helena Bertinelli/Huntress - Olivia Wilde
Hmm... didn't even think about Huntress. Olivia Wilde is good fit. Man, I hope that these characters finally get some awesome film screentime. They have the perfect opportunity to actually make a whole side franchise for Batman with him being older and these characters possibly existing already. Something along the lines of what the X-Men films are doing or the new Spidey films with their Venom and Sinister Six spin-offs. Imagine a spin-off with Nightwing, Robin (Tim), Red Hood, etc? Each film can be different too like Red Hood being a straight through action film ala Jason Bourne. So much potential to reach a very wide audience!

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