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Default Re: Freeze breath for mos2:superman/batman

Originally Posted by LordofhouseEl View Post
His underpants are cheesy, his S curl is cheesy and now his super breath is cheesy. I actually wonder if people do want the character of Superman on the big screen and not someone else. Snyder should give him that power because its no more ridiculous than him shooting fire from his eyes and being able to see through certain objects and flying be honest I was disappointed it wasn't in the movie.
I hate the flying! It's too unrealistic. And why does he have to be an alien? What if we are alone in the universe? I can't wait for the next reboot, where Superman is just a normal guy named Carl Elmwood who lifts weights and works as a reporter in New York (to hell with Metropolis, it isn't even on the map!).

A reporter called Lois Lane gets impressed by Carl's strength, and tells him that he should use his powers for the good. Later he gets a role in a childrens show called "Super the Dinosaur" where he uses his "superpowers" to entertain children. One day when he visits a children's hospital, a crazy guy named Piotr Zodski shows up and threatens to blow up the hospital. But Carl Elmwood talks him out of it, ("you're a monster, Zodski, and I'm going to stop you") and the crazy old guy surrenders himself to the police. Everyone in New York is touched by his actions.

Lois Lane: "You know what, Carl? You're a super man!"

Carl smiles and laughs. And the scene fades out. The End

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