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Default Re: Freeze breath for mos2:superman/batman

Originally Posted by Masone View Post
She wowed me as well. I think there is a story to tell about the Kryptonians breaking from their programming and integrating into other societies. Now that they have no leader and no cause, I'm interested to see what some of them will do. Mainly Faora. I would love if she and WW started out as enemies but eventually become close friends. Faora is the definition of an Amazon.

Come to think about it, what is stopping Jax and company from just using the phantom drives in the same fashion Lois and Emil used them in this movie to just return from the Phantom Zone? Didn't everything get swallowed into that black hole, including the two phantom drives?
I don't think they can break up the programation. Faora born to fight but maybe the complete destruction to his race from Superman and company will led her to get some pay-back. I don't know what way will Faora take.
I guess the Phantom drivers were destroyed by the explosion, maybe not, but I guess they're gonna need a little time to repair those.
Can you imagine some Star Labs or LC scientists trying to communicate with them, I don't know maybe to find out if they were alive or to "research" some things about kryptonians.


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