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Default Re: Freeze breath for mos2:superman/batman

Originally Posted by SuperMan of Steel View Post
I don't think they can break up the programation. Faora born to fight but maybe the complete destruction to his race from Superman and company will led her to get some pay-back. I don't know what way will Faora take.
I guess the Phantom drivers were destroyed by the explosion, maybe not, but I guess they're gonna need a little time to repair those.
Can you imagine some Star Labs or LC scientists trying to communicate with them, I don't know maybe to find out if they were alive or to "research" some things about kryptonians.
The thing I loved about MOS was that the villains had a purpose to the bad things they were doing, to save their race. They were born and bred for that. In Faora's case, she was born and bred to be a soldier, and served in the Kryptonian militia under Zod. But there's no more Krypton, no more hope of bringing Krypton back and no more Zod. She's a soldier without a cause. It is very intriguing the direction they could go in after they have lost[as Zod put it] their souls.

He chose revenge, but the important thing here is that he CHOSE, and there wasn't any underlying cause behind what he was doing at the end, he just wanted to kill things. Because he chose revenge doesn't necessarily mean they all have to seek revenge. In Faora's case, she was born and bred to serve Krypton, but with all that gone, she has to decide to do something else right? Let's say Zod won, killed Superman, destroyed the planet, what was he going to do after that?

Faora seemed to be more calculating and less emotional than Zod. Maybe Faora sees past the revenge and wonders what she would even do if she succeeded and if the revenge would even be worth it. That's what makes it all intriguing to me. I loved the setup with the Kryptonians being bred for a specific purpose, but I want to see them dive deeper into that and show the different paths they could go down once they have lost that purpose. The "After Krypton" life, seems like it would make for a great movie in itself.

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