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Re-posting from the previous thread because whenever I post something more than a couple paragraphs long near the end of a long thread it's like it just disappears into the aether:


After re-watching MOS again yesterday, I think I've finally come full circle on the direction of the sequel. When I first heard that Batman would be appearing, I had mixed feelings about it, since I was looking forward to a solo Superman sequel first. Slowly I started to warm to the idea, but after this latest viewing, I think I'm really starting to look forward to the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Though the Easter eggs were of a blink-and-you'll miss them quality, the fact that they had both a Wayne Enterprises satellite and a tiny "Keep Calm and Call Batman" sign in the background of the final battle with Zod is enough to indicate that Bruce Wayne and Batman exist in this universe, and that the latter has been around for a long time.

The destruction of Metropolis in MOS was controversial, to say the least, but I think that if the writers play their cards right they could really turn this into a positive plot point in the sequel. Not only is it a great way for Lex Luthor to look like the hero and depict Superman as an alien threat to humanity, but it also provides a good reason for Batman to be suspicious of Superman and for him to come out of retirement (if that's the case for this "tired, weary" version of the Dark Knight).

Finally, the fact that MOS was at its core a science fiction film with many fantastical elements -- yet one which still managed to cling to a sense of gritty "realism" -- means that we have a suitable platform to establish some of the more out-there elements of the DC Universe such as Themiscyra in Batman vs. Superman, while still maintaining the darker, more serious tone that distinguishes the DC Cinematic Universe from the Marvel one.

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