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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine" - Part 1

Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
Agreed, the EE is just a little bit better than the original, if I gave that 9 I would say the EE is a 9.2. Not massivly different but with some nice additional bits in it, like Shingen burying his sword in Logans neck.

Sequal will be interesting to see as is sort of a blank canvas compared to TW which was based on Logans biggest story arc pretty much.
Yeah the EE went up to an 8.5 from an 8 for the TC for me, not a huge improvement, but an improvement non the less. Some little things like the one you mentioned really did add to the movie.

As far as the sequel, didnt Mangold say he will be basing it off a comic storyline? Even so, I have faith in him like I did with this movie, the guy is a really good director.

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