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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Following up on the last idea for a teaser for Justice League in this movie.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

SCENE: The street outside Lex Towers. Bruce Wayne, his eyes covered by sunglasses to conceal some of his beaten face, approaches his luxury limousine. Alfred, wearing a non-traditional driver's outfit of a shooting jacket on top of a sweater with driving gloves, opens the door for him.

CLARK: (Off Screen) Wayne! Hold up!

BRUCE: No more questions from the press, please and thank you. It's been a rough day, and right now there's a $70 steak with my name on it.

Clark runs up behind them.

CLARK: And so does this file. And above that it says 'Extra-terrestrial defense grid: An argument against implementation.'

Bruce turns around immediately giving the file a quick look.

BRUCE: Heh. That's classified, Mister...Kent, right? And when I say classified, I'm only repeating what I was told by the National Security Advisor before he started listing several unpleasant consequences that would come if I revealed that information to anyone who wasn't screened. So, where'd you get it?

CLARK: I have my sources.

BRUCE: And I have my cell phone. So why shouldn't I just go and rat you out right now?

CLARK: Because we both know Lex Luthor stole this system out from under you after you got cold feet, and we both know he's changed this thing into a weapon that could be used against anyone, not just aliens. And we both want to stop it.

BRUCE: (pause) Would you like a ride Mr. Kent? I think we could get a lot out of a talk.

Clark nods then enters the limousine. Bruce pauses, turns toward Alfred.

BRUCE: Not a word.

Alfred, smiling smugly, closes the door after him.

Interior of the limousine. Bruce and Clark sit facing each other, Clark near a window that shines sunlight on his face, Bruce near the shadowy back end.

BRUCE: So did you read it?

CLARK: Yes. You wanted to cut all funding and scrap the entire project after Luthor started making adjustments to the project's objectives. And you almost blew the cover on this whole thing after he adjusted its M.O.

BRUCE: Yes, yes I did. The system was meant to be a contingency in the case of another alien attack like the one that struck Smallville and Metropolis last year. Regardless of who the attacker was.

CLARK: I noticed that. You had someone take down an entire threat assessment and profile of Superman's tactical capabilities and typical behavior. He was the primary target in mind when you first conceived this thing. Which was the day after the attack.

BRUCE: (smiling grimly) Sounds like you're accusing me of something.

CLARK: The day after he saves this city, you immediately draw up an AI concept that would react to any attack he makes, and you buy up the patents for experimental weapon designs that all have the potential to harm him. He saves billions of lives, and you're already planning a way to put him six feet under.

BRUCE: No. Not to kill him. I had no idea how to do that, and I had no desire to. But in those three days, from the time Zod issued his ultimatum to his death, our whole world changed. Your people demolished a town in a barroom brawl and almost destroyed the world. Not just a city, or a country, but the whole world.

CLARK: ...My people.

BRUCE: Yes, Clark, or Superman, or whatever your birth name is, your people.

Bruce takes off his sunglasses, so we can see his eyes and the bruises around them.

BRUCE: That file has no digital copy and has way too much critical information for me to leave it around where even a professional thief could find it. You followed me last night after our little throw down, didn't you? You tracked the Batman back to his cave.

CLARK: (takes off his own glasses, laying it all on the table) Yeah, I did. I wouldn't have found it otherwise. A cargo hauler in the middle of thousands of lead lined boxes on one of dozens of ships in Metropolis harbor.

BRUCE: I'm surprised you could follow anything after that shock.

CLARK: And I'm surprised you can walk. That was a wall I threw you through, y'know.

BRUCE: How'd you follow me?

CLARK: I tracked your heartbeat. I couldn't see after you hit me with that...thing you made, but I could keep my focus your heart until I could see again. (Pause) When did you figure out I was Clark Kent? Before or after the gala?

BRUCE: Well before. A week after you killed Zod. I put together enough circumstantial evidence to narrow it down to someone from Smallville born around 1980. Then I located you working at the Planet with Lane.

Clark gets a worried look on his face.

BRUCE: ...Then I covered all our tracks, both yours and mine. Some people shouldn't have access to that kind of information. People like Luthor. And I have to admit, the sheer chutzpah of your disguise actually does go a long way towards redirecting attention.

There's a pause, Clark tilts his head in disbelieve. Bruce just shrugs.

CLARK: Why'd you change your mind?

BRUCE: You... Demonstrated control and altruism. The world trusts you. I shouldn't be plotting to destroy the last survivor of an ancient race if he's spending his time saving people.

There is a long pregnant pause.

CLARK: Bull. You were going full steam ahead until February 29th. Something changed your mind. What was it?

BRUCE: (Pause) Luthor's overseeing the final construction phase tonight. We both know he can't deploy the entire satellite. He'll be able to annihilate anything he can lock the Omac's cannons on. Meet me at your Dailey Planet, and we can work on stopping him.

CLARK: (Nods) I'll be there. But why did you change your mind?

BRUCE: Listen, I have someone I have to meet, and it is a matter of life and death. And I have a feeling that date has some meaning to you as well. Meet me tonight, and I'll tell you.

ALFRED: (through a speaker) Master Bruce, we're here.

The two men glare at each other for a second. Then Clark politely nods his head.

CLARK: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Pennyworth.

ALFRED: You're welcome, Master Kent.

Clark exits the limousine. As he exits, he looks up and locks eyes with DIANA PRINCE, WONDER WOMAN from the dream sequence earlier in the movie. Diana seems intrigued and somewhat pleasantly surprised, while Clark is shocked. Behind them, Bruce has risen from the other side of the Limo and is carefully observing the two.

BRUCE: Clark Kent, Diana Prince. Diana, Clark. And I am Bruce Wayne, and I believe we have an appointment.

Clark gives Bruce a glare, then heads off, hailing a taxi.

BRUCE: Well, Miss, I think you and I have much to discuss.

Diana gives him a knowing smirk.

DIANA: I know.

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