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Default Re: The Alfred Pennyworth Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
I couldn't get round it before. Because I couldn't picture Rickman, even as Alfred, take on an emotionally disturbed child.

But as I've viewed the Harry Potter in the recent weeks, it's really changed my mind about him. Sure he's playing Snape and he don't really like kids lol
But even so, I could fatherly tendencies he has.

And his dry/drone voice and personality, with the flickers of humour within that, makes me think his Alfred could work really well with Ben's Batman, in the way he's been described.
Dude I only was able to imagine Rickman as Alfred after watching the last couple Harry Potter movies, he really sold me as that dry, sarcastic, but ultimately caring (almost) parental figure.

If he toned down the douchiness a bit from his Snape role, he could make an EXCELLENET Alfred.

I mean look at the dude... this is him in 2013. IMO he could be an even more comics accurate Alfred than Michael Caine was. Visually and in his performance.

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