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Default Re: Robert Redford offically joins Cap:TWS

I'm very new to Marvel comics having really only been introduced to them via the movies, so I hope I'm not going to say something stupid, but here's how I see it possibly coming together.. Either

A Pierce is a man with an dubious moral compass, in a similar way to Killian in IM3 he is trying to use a engineered 'war on terror' setup to justify actions. He's using Armin and TWS to do this, but his misguided although patriotic plans are then hijacked by a villain who's been hiding in the background all along.


Basically the above again, but Pierce is the bad guy all along, and the reveal is that he isn't patriotic at all and has a much more nefarious intention for 'war on terror' - like building up his own personal army.

I'd agree that there are many aspects to what I've written that we've seen before, but there'll definitely be a few other surprises in there too!

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