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Default Re: The Superman: TAS discussion thread.

I just started watching this again and it's really hitting the spot.

Is by far the best on-screen version of the character yet.

I even think it has a few things on BTAS.

My main and only real gripe with BTAS is that it is too serialized, too compartmentalized. No reals arcs aside from the odd two-parter here and there. There is no real sense of a timeline. I think a small narrative flow would have made it even better. But like I said, it's my only real issue with the show and it's still brilliant.

STAS starts off as a origin story and continues to feel more like an ongoing saga, a continuing story with more arcs.

The action is also better than BTAS.

I shocked at how fluid the motion and animation is. While it doesn't have the atmosphere of BTAS, it has it's own unique style. Kinda like a semi art-deco/futuristic vibe. It's a perfectly realized world for Supes.

Also, it has my favorite Clark of any on screen version yet. He's still white bread, still a boy-scout, but not as bumbling or "gee-golly, ma'am!" He's a great balance of good ol' boy, smart and decent.

The more realistic powers don't bother me at all. There are a few times when it's just a little annoying, but nothing consistent enough to genuinely hinder the show.

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