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Originally Posted by I Am The Knight View Post
Nolan is trying to suggest that this guy is set to become Gotham's Next Vigilante, a task for which he is absolutely not prepared for, and has no one to guide him at all, and no money to keep the whole thing going. What is the point of showing Bruce go through hell in Batman Begins to become Batman, if all Blake is going to need for him to be Batman himself is a Batcomputer? It's not earned, it's just a convenience so that Nolan can connect his themes and wrap everything quickly.I would've been fine with that. Honestly, after months of hearing about this supposed "hard ending", I was surprised that Nolan decided to close with that shot of Blake rising (a great shot BTW). It felt like if WB wanted to make another Batman in the Nolan universe, they could.
Yes, Nolan made Robin/Blake the next Batman. That doesn't mean he was going to don the cape and cowl and start jumping off rooftops the very next night. Bruce, Gordon and the GCPD won the war, and Gotham now has a chance to come together and rebuild during peacetime. They'll do that... for years. And thanks to that, in that time, Blake can study and train all across the world, using the foundation he already has (more knowledge and skill than even Bruce had at that age) to become Batman II. If I were to write a follow-up story of somekind, I'd have it that the next big bad attacks Gotham 5-7 years later, and Blake - even though he's not finished his training - decides it's time for Batman to rise again. He does well, but he's not quite where he needs to be, and worries that he's not living up to Bruce's legacy... Of course, he comes good in the end. That's good drama, right there.

As far as 'the money to keep it going'... how much money does he need? How much of his own money did Bruce actually use to be Batman? All of his equipment was either a re-purposed Wayne Enterprises prototype (the first suit, the grapnel gun, the vehicles) or low grade stuff made by him (making the batarangs). For the more customised stuff they needed to invent, they used Wayne Enterprises money ("Now you've got the R&D Department burning through money, something about phones for the military. What are you building for him now, Mr. Fox?"). And we know Blake can use Wayne Enterprises still, because he knew Lucius (met him at least twice during the siege, and again at Bruce's funeral, where everything was out in the open). Lucius mentioned he'd be able to prove fraud and get the company back on track, AND he was always very supportive - even seemed to outright enjoy - the whole Batman thing, to the point where he was trying to push Bruce back into it, apparently for fun.

Yeah, Blake can become Batman.

As for the last shot... I love that shot. The way the water acts as a curtain...


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