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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 3

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
You know in the book he was burned his clothes off....I'm just saying. Zach wanted Superman in the real world, in the real world his pants wouldn't have survived the fire.
Lol. I think Cavill showed enough of his body. I don't think he needed to show even more.

However, the finished scene in the film is truncated. What was originally shot was that he climbs up the oil rig wearing a wife beater. Then some scenes inside with him still wearing the wife beater. Then some oil falls on his top and the singlet burns away. Then him breaking the door shirtless and basically what the movie shows.

In the finished film, they show him directly shirtless climbing up the oil rig (implying he jumped into the ocean shirtless) and directly show the breaking the door. We know he shot scenes wearing the wife beater because there is behind the scenes video of it, product stills, set videos as well as Cavill talking about that scene in interviews but it is not there in the finished film!

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