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Default Re: The Alfred Pennyworth Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
None of us can be sure if Alfred's in it.

But he has to be, surely?
No. If the story is framed around Batman going to Metropolis, none of Batman's supporting characters are necessary. Even if the film has Superman going to Gotham, son long as the story is written correctly, Batman will function as antagonist and/or ally of Superman within this story, NOT as a central spoke with his own support characters. Alfred could be injected in such a story, especially as a cameo (see: DCAU's "World's Finest" multi-part episode), but he's not necessary for story reasons in a Batman/Superman story.

The way this Batman is described, maybe Alfred is dead and he's an even bigger loner than before.
That would be awful. Alfred works well to humanize Bruce and killing him off before the solo series even kicks off would be a really bad idea.

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