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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
I would like to see the money be spread around between alot of people, as opposed to big business get it's slimy hands on the product, then wall street profiting off of it.

Basically allow people to grow up to 100 plants be able to sell directly to the non-profits(which allows for many people to get work/jobs in the growing industry)

In the case of the non-profits, I think if each store is individually run and you heavily regulate each store(ie how many employees a store should have, how store run(security measures), amount of cash an employees can make, etc) it also spreads out the jobs instead of one big chain store taking over the business and paying it's employees minimum wage. It's basically a case keeping things small so alot of people can have good paying jobs, it also forces stores to invest money in the towns they are in when employees can make a great salary but only to a certain point and they have to spend that extra money somehow.

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